Arcis Advantage

Arcis Golf is the second-largest, fee-simple owner and operator of golf facilities in the United States, with more than 60 private, resort, and daily fee clubs in its portfolio. At each and every club, our focus is to create extraordinary experiences and forge emotional connections with our members and guests, one person at a time. To achieve these goals, Arcis Golf invests in the amenities, personnel, training and systems for each club, to maximize the growth and future success for all, regardless of type, location or size.

Map of Arcis Courses

As both owner and operator of private and daily-fee clubs, Arcis is uniquely positioned to provide our partners with significant resources that are not available to individually owned and member owned clubs— or fee-for-service management companies. We equip each club as if it is one of our own, with every resource and support function we have at our disposal. Every club’s definition of success is different. We want to be your partner to define and achieve your club’s future vision.



The Arcis Advantage Approach To Success Is Simple

  • EQUIP each partner with the best resources, practices and management
  • IMPLEMENT and deploy relevant and modern growth initiatives
  • PROVIDE an all-inclusive relationship to ensure each partner has the tools and playbook to compete, succeed, and differentiate itself in an ever-evolving environment



How We Work Together to Unlock Your Potential

Our deep expertise and collaborative approach will guide the operational goals, strategic plans and decisions-making at each club via these tenets:


  • Strategy, Planning and Execution
  • Micro-Market Analysis
  • Surveys and Benchmarks
  • Service Standards and Essentials


  • Acquisition, Loyalty and Retention
  • Travel Reciprocity
  • Experiential Programming
  • Member Engagement


  • Sourcing and Interviewing
  • Talent Values Alignment
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Employee Engagement


  • Digital and Analytics Platforms
  • Customized CRM Sales Tool 
  • Mobile Application Solutions
  • Dedicated Revenue Managers



Services and Expertise

Arcis Advantage isn't a "one size fits all" business model. Our approach is to tailor the services needed most and customize programs that bring out the best in each club-while keeping the target market, physical attributes, and bottom line in mind.



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Meghan Taylor
Director of Business Development

Andy Crosson
Executive Vice President