DALLAS – July 1, 2015 – Arcis Equity Partners, a leading private equity firm specializing in the hospitality and leisure sectors, today announced the unveiling of Arcis Golf, a newly capitalized golf management company based in Dallas. Arcis Golf will operate as part of Arcis Equity Partners’ golf portfolio and will be comprised of two distinct operating brands, Castlegate and Ironbridge.

The venture, with strong financial backing and the leadership of longtime industry veterans, provides members and guests with both world-class private club experiences and access to several of the game’s premier daily-fee and resort-style courses.

“We are enthused about the unique portfolio of clubs that we have amassed over the past two years and the operational team that we have assembled to lead Arcis Golf,” said Blake Walker, CEO and Managing Partner of Arcis Equity Partners and Chairman and CEO and Arcis Golf. “Arcis Equity Partners remains committed to investing in and expanding both the Arcis Golf portfolio and the talented management team at Arcis Golf.” 

The launch of Arcis Golf comes on the heels of two years of robust growth through the strategic acquisitions of golf properties located within major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S., and the integration of the former Eagle Golf management portfolio into the Arcis Golf platform. In addition to operating the majority of the 54 golf and country clubs currently owned by Arcis Equity Partners, Arcis Golf will continue to operate 18 properties on a leased or managed basis.

“In my more than 30 years of serving in an executive capacity across the golf management industry, Arcis Equity’s commitment from both a financial and human capital perspective is unprecedented,” said Joe Munsch, President of Arcis Golf. “Looking forward, I am extremely excited about the opportunity to work with the outstanding team we have assembled at Arcis Golf and to continue to develop and expand our portfolio of high quality golf and country clubs.”   

Arcis Golf has positioned itself as a dynamic leader in the industry by consistently providing unrivaled amenities to compliment diverse playing experiences for members and guests. Arcis Golf properties tailor each element of the golf and country club experience to a level of excellence that is targeted to exceed the needs and expectations of family, friends, co-workers and guests of all ages.

Arcis Golf’s Castlegate brand operates exclusive private club and resort-style properties while leveraging the foundation of the company’s leading standards of excellence and superior service. Castlegate properties provide the very pinnacle of upscale amenities found only through Arcis Golf.

Through its Ironbridge brand, Arcis Golf provides industry-leading management of private and daily-fee golf operations, ensuring a high-quality playing experience and providing members and guests with an unparalleled standard of service.

Arcis Equity Partners will continue to support the growth of the Arcis Golf portfolio by way of strategic acquisitions that build and sustain Arcis Golf as a leader in upscale golfing experiences.  

About Arcis Equity Partners

Arcis Equity Partners, LLC is a private equity firm dedicated to making equity and debt investments in the real estate and leisure sectors. Arcis’ strategic objective is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by creating strong partnerships with management and driving value creation through growth - not financial engineering. The company seeks to partner with high-quality management teams and commit its collective experience and resources to accelerate growth and build lasting value for their companies.